Huawei Loves Reverse Wireless Charging (Except In Its New Smart Watches)

huawei watch active elegant price australia
Image: Huawei

This week Huawei added two new smart watches to its GT lineup – the Active and the Elegant.

Rocking gorgeous aesthetics and a tonne of features, there’s just one big thing missing.

While both watches are basically the same under the hood, they differ in size and battery life.

The Active comes with the same 46mm face as the Gt Classic and Sport before it and has up to two weeks battery life. It will come in Titanium Grey.

Comparatively, the Elegant is smaller at 42mm and only has up to one week of battery life. It comes in two fancy sounding colour variants – Magic Pearl White and Tahitian Magic Black Pearl.

Despite both the P30 Pro and the Mate 20 pro being capable of reverse wireless charging, you won’t be able to charge the new Watch GTs from a compatible handset.

Instead, the watches charge via a more traditional clasp that is reminiscent of a FitBit.

One could argue that this isn’t particularly necessary when the battery lives are so hearty. And look, that’s probably fair.

But when Huawei has championed Reverse Wireless Charging for almost a year now, it seems like it would have been a nifty and logical inclusion – especially when Samsung is using the same technology to spruik wireless charging for its Galaxy Watch Active.

It’s certainly a better use case than phone-to-phone wireless charging which absolutely annihilates the battery life of the handset that’s providing the juice.

The new GTs can be connected to your phone (and the Huawei Health app) via Bluetooth and offer fitness coaching, activity tracking, round the click heart rating monitoring and sleep tracking.

“We believe this is the perfect companion for Aussies who are always on the go. The Watch GT series has already drawn much acclaim globally for its ultra-long battery life, sophisticated activity tracking and fitness coaching,” said Larking Huang, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business in Australia.

“We have seen huge interest from consumers across the world, with more than two million Watch GTs sold since October last year. The incredible sales of this watch makes Huawei one of the top 3 global smart watch sellers in the world and we are excited to launch the latest devices in Australia.”

Both the Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant will be available in Australia from late August for $399. They will be sold through Mobileciti.