How To Watch Every New Episode Of Veronica Mars In Australia Right Now

How To Watch Every New Episode Of Veronica Mars In Australia Right Now

Attention marshmallows: it’s been a hot minute since Veronica Mars blessed our screens with her particular brand of sass and detective skills, but the time has come.

The new season is finally upon us and we’re all deeply invested in seeing how far the snarky investigator has come now that she’s all grown up.

Don your skinny scarves and denim vests, and check out Veronica Mars Season 4 on Stan.

Kristen Bell is back in all her investigative (and iconic voiceover) glory, joined by original cast members Jason Dohring (as Veronica’s lover, Logan) and Enrico Colantoni (as her father, Keith) to uncover the mystery… And probably eat a nation’s worth of junk food.

Or perhaps not, because when we return to Neptune we’ll be seeing a grown-up Veronica (now in her 30s) taking on a case that’s seen bombs planted all over the town to stop an influx of spring breakers dropping in. No time for snacks when there’s a killer on the loose.

The leading lady herself even recently stated in a US radio interview that it’s “gonna be a much darker world” than we’re used to seeing, as our heroine faces what could very well be the biggest challenge of her career. She’s grappling not only with the mystery of the bombs, but also her relationship with Logan and Neptune itself.

And if you’re dying to find out what happened to all your favourite characters (*chanting* more Logan, more Logan, more Logan) you don’t actually have to wait all that long after all.

All eight episodes of Season 4 are dropping today, July 20. No joke, no hitch. At 6pm AEST tonight the entire season is going to be available for your viewing pleasure on Stan.

Say what now?

From the very first shot of Veronica’s smirk to the closing credits, you’ll be able to check it all out in one big binge session.

If you’re a devoted fan, you can even prep for the debut by jogging your memory with Seasons 1-3 (and the movie) on Stan for a little blast from the past before you get into the new eps.

And keep an eye out, because from Paul Rudd to Paris Hilton, Veronica Mars has always been known for its 10/10 guest stars. Who knows who will show their face this season?

So cancel your plans, because tonight is going to be a big one.

Check out Veronica Mars on Stan right HERE. In the meantime? We’ll just be over here chillin’ like villains.