Where To Go If You’re Hankering For A David Attenborough Doco

Where To Go If You’re Hankering For A David Attenborough Doco
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There’s not a single person on planet earth who can resist the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough, which is why the lauded broadcaster continues to narrate (seemingly) every nature documentary in existence.

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Thankfully for anyone with an internet connection, there’s no limit to how often we can access Attenborough’s glorious British accent.

Narrating a string of applauded documentaries (including IMDB’s #2 Top Rated TV show of all time, Our Planet II), the nature historian has provided unbeatable insight into the world outside of humans for decades now.

Eight of Attenborough’s most renowned documentaries can be found right this instant on Stan, so really it’s just a matter of picking one that tickles your fancy.

If you’re somewhat of a documentary novice, the go-to choice would have to be David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef, a beautifully shot series which can’t help but serve as a stern reminder that one of Australia’s most iconic locations is at severe risk.

It’s also impossible to look past one of Attenborough’s more quirky ventures, Attenborough And The Giant Egg, which explores the backstory behind an extinct egg. It’s home to what’s known as an ‘elephant bird’, which sounds as fascinating as it does unsettling.

The beauty of Attenborough’s narration is that even if you’re witnessing the most confronting moments in the animal kingdom – there’s an unsurprising amount of death and conflict in the wild – Attenborough’s voice acts as a comforting grandpa guiding you through the entire ordeal.

His voice is nothing short of supernatural – it can make even the most gut-wrenching of scenes a pleasure to watch as you sit there and ponder life outside of your often self-involved existence.

There’s no better example of that than Frozen Planet, a journey to the Arctic that lets viewers into a world that seems detached from the one we currently inhabit. You’ll never get sick of watching penguins going about their lives, oblivious to anything outside of their little frozen bubble.

Here’s the collection of eight documentaries, ready to watch at your leisure:

You can get your David Attenborough dose on Stan now.