‘How To Cook And Eat Placenta’ And Other Weird Stuff We’ve Googled

‘How To Cook And Eat Placenta’ And Other Weird Stuff We’ve Googled
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Whether it’s calculating basic maths or opening an incognito window to find out what pegging is – we’ve all been there when it comes to Googling embarrassing stuff.

In the spirit of solidarity I asked the office for contributions regarding the weirdest shit they’ve searched for. It’s okay, you’re not alone.

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Pedestrian Group Office

I once downloaded Tor so I could search ‘how to roll a joint’. I’m not sure if I used a secure browser out of paranoia or because I was worried that someone at Google would think I’m a loser – Definitely Not Tegan

It’s embarrassing how many times I have to Google how to find basic information in Analytics. It just slips right out of my brain every time – Tom, Gizmodo UK Editor

‘How to put my bones in a teddy bear’ – Leah

I got sprung by my wife searching ‘why do i laugh when other people cry?’ – Rhys

In the past week I’ve made two separate searches relating to ‘the best dinosaur puns/best dinosaur jokes’ – Josh

‘Why am I single?’ – Anon

‘Is it safe to moisturise your eyelids?’ and ‘how often should you wash your bra?’ – Sarah

‘I’ve been chatting to babes all day quote’ – Chantelle

I got so drunk for the 2018 US election the next morning I searched ‘who is the president?’ – Victoria

It’s not printable – Jack

‘How to soothe a bruised cervix’ – Steph

‘How to cook and eat placenta’Chris

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I also decided that it would be a good idea to ask some tech journalist mates

I can’t think of anything silly I’ve googled because I have very good reasons for everything I do – Amanda Yeo, Freelance Journalist

Recently, finding out how much an inflatable tube man costsAlex Kidman, Freelance Journalist

I had to google what a belfie was, because I’m officially old now – Alex Choros, WhistleOut

I regularly Google ‘please don’t arrest me, I’m a journalist’ due to the highly illegal stuff I search for lol – Rae Johnston, Junkee

‘How to stop frequent flatulence.’ You know, for a friend – Ewan Roxburgh, Press Start Australia

‘Define Pay Pig’. It was the second week of a new job and a manager was behind me’ – Darren Pauli

I once did an extensive Google session about my new PC build randomly powering off before I realised I didn’t plug one of the power cables in properly – Angharad Yeo, Good Game Spawn Point

‘Justin Bieber height’ – Sam Murden, MSN Australia