Here’s Why The Dark New Series ‘The Rook’ Is Going To Keep You Up At Night

Here’s Why The Dark New Series ‘The Rook’ Is Going To Keep You Up At Night

A little fear goes a long way, and it doesn’t matter whether we actively seek to embrace the creepy feeling or if we’re a little hesitant to roll out the spook welcome wagon — it’s there. Some of us absolutely love it, but that doesn’t mean we can always handle it.

And that’s why some shows that set you off stick with you long enough to keep you awake at night. Well, that and all the caffeine you’ve no doubt sculled to keep the binge-watch going strong.

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‘The Rook’ is definitely one of those shows that’ll have you lying awake, both creeped out and wanting to keep watching.

Based on a book by Australian author, Daniel O’Malley, the series opens with lead character Myfanwy Thomas waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by dead bodies. It’s unclear what happened, as her memories of the preceding events are completely gone.

Over the course of the next few days, the absolutely terrified Myfanwy begins to piece together what happened to her, including the knowledge that she is among a group of people with potentially deadly powers, working for a secret government agency.

It’s not difficult to surmise how this dark new drama may have you lying awake at night, but here’s why it’s left us sleepless:

Fear One: Deadly Superpowers

If there’s one thing that audiences are obsessed with lately, it’s superpowers. Whether it’s taking in every millisecond of Marvel we can, or harbouring secret appreciations for villains, we love a bit of magic and mutation.

‘The Rook’ has no shortage of superpowers, though they’re definitely darker than your average fare. From Myfanwy’s ability to inflict internal injuries via telepathy, to the incredibly creepy Gestalt family who, though separate in body, all share the same mind simultaneously — it’s enough to put you on edge.

We often think about how incredible it would be to have helpful powers, like the ability to turn back time and get a few extra hours of a sleep-in, but what happens if the powers you’re saddled with have the capacity to be used for extreme evil?

Fear Two: Waking Up With No Memory

Imagine waking up as an adult and having no earthly understanding of who you are, where you are, how you got there or what’s happening. Imagine then doing all that, surrounded by the twisted bodies of six dead assailants.

It’s enough to make you shudder. Our brains are so incredibly powerful but when we lose the very essence of ourselves (our memories), there’s only so much we can handle.

And it’s scary because although there are certainly fantasy elements to ‘The Rook’, this is a situation that could actually happen. Whether you fall ill or you’re in an accident, it’s possible to one day wake up with no memory. And that’s horrifying to me.

Fear Three: A Secret Government Agency Watching Your Every Move

The creepiest thing about secret government organisations in pop culture is that even if they existed in the real world, we’ll likely never know about them.

And when you consider the fact that this particular secret government organisation is packed with people who can kill you without even having to touch you, it’s enough to make you wary.

Sure, it might be cynical to put stock in the thought of secret government agents, but ‘The Rook’ definitely paints a gritty picture of the dark, fantastical side of bureaucracy and it’s not something you’d want to get involved in.

Pair all these elements with a creepy score, a stellar cast (including fan fave Olivia Munn) and some dark, rainy shots, and you’ve got a show that’ll keep you up at night. Check out ‘The Rook’ on Stan, available now.

Watch the trailer below (but maybe not at night).