Hell On Earth Is Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting Championship

Hell On Earth Is Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting Championship
Image: YouTube/ODN

Belinda Carlisle once said heaven is a place on Earth but I’m here to tell you hell is also here and it’s found at Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship. The event, the first (and ideally, last) of its kind, was held in the small town of Joensuu in Finland this month and it’s certainly unique.

Editor’s Note: I am extremely here for heavy metal knitting and Sarah will be spoken to about this hot take 😛 – Tegan

The championship involved teams knitting, a generally cathartic experience, while playing the sensory-overload that is heavy metal and, according to footage captured by British news network ODN, the people really enjoyed it.

Hundreds of people watched on as the groups battled it out with needles and axes (both guitar and the viking kind) to be crowned the best Heavy Metal Knitting band in the world. The admittedly niche title was awarded to the Japanese five-piece, Giga Body Metal, who managed to woo crowds with their blend of sumo wrestling, interpretive knitting and head-banging music. Denmark’s Crafts with Ellen and the US’ 9 Inch Needles placed second and third respectively.

One spectator admitted while knitting was a “meditative experience”, the ambitious crossover of heavy metal and knitting made it “energetic” and “heart-pumping.”

Look, people seem to be really enjoying it so, while its not a pleasurable viewing or listening experience, we’re all for it.

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