Hasbro Wants In On That My Little Pony/Stranger Things Hype With A New Retro Show And Toys

Hasbro Wants In On That My Little Pony/Stranger Things Hype With A New Retro Show And Toys
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First, came the upside-down ponies. Then, the retro-inspired pony exclusive Hasbro is bringing to Comic-Con. Then, all the references to My Little Pony courtesy of Dustin and Erica in season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Now, Hasbro wants to-go all-in on the ‘80s-tinged pony love with not just a new set of old-school ponies, but their very own YouTube series.

Gizmodo can reveal a first look at My Little Pony: The Retro Show, a new YouTube miniseries that invites MLP fans to bask in the glorious waves of nostalgia, through the means of VHS-scanline-covered clips from the beloved My Little Pony cartoon with snarky commentary over the top. Check out a clip below!

But that’s not the only retro-love Hasbro wants to get in on. Being released exclusively through Amazon, the company is also doing a new six-pack of the six current primary ponies of the Friendship Is Magic era – dubbed the mane six, you see what they did there? – in old-school designs and packaging.

For around $36 you can get ‘80s-inspired reimaginings of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, each clocking in at roughly three inches tall. As well as designs evoking the original My Little Pony toys, the six figures will feature rooted hair and redesigned cutie marks.

Image: Hasbro

While you might be hit with a dose of Pony nostalgia right now thanks to Stranger Things, you can satiate it by heading on over to Amazon, where the set is available to order now. Shipping to Australia is available.