Guinness World Records Names Welsh Street as the Steepest in the World

Feature image credit: BBC News

A north Wales town has swooped in and taken the title for the steepest street from New Zealand.

Gwyn Headley has been campaigning on behalf of Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech which has been verified by Guinness World Records as having the steepest incline when it comes to residential roads, of 37.45 per cent. Baldwin Street — the previous record-holder — comes in at just 35 per cent and has had to bow out gracefully.

“I feel utter relief — and jubilation. I feel sorry for the New Zealanders — but steeper is steeper,” said Headley, who had roped in surveyors in his quest over the last year to take the title.

“It was quite a lengthy process because there were 10 criteria set by Guinness for us to reach,” added his fellow conspirator Sarah Badhan. “I think it could be potentially transformative for Harlech because we rely so heavily on tourism here… I think it would be absolutely fantastic for us, for all the businesses and all the people.”

Guiness World Records editor in chief, Craig Glenday, politely labelled the dogged perseverance as “will power” paying off, saying he hopes that “Harlech enjoys the celebrations and that the new title brings lots of people to the beautiful town, to experience the world’s steepest street for themselves.”

The town is planning a knees-up this weekend to celebrate, but I’m sure it won’t be long before another upstart street somewhere else in the world makes a bid for the title. Laugh it up while you still can, Harlech.

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