Google Pixel 4 XL Spotted out on the Town in London

Google Pixel 4 XL Spotted out on the Town in London
Image: Google

Google’s next iteration of smartphone is launching later this year, and it appears to have been spotted out in the world already.

An official picture of the handset was shared last week by the tech giant following unofficial renders that were doing the rounds on social media, so we already know what the back of it looks like.

There have now been two sightings of what looks like the Pixel 4 XL. The first was in London over the weekend, and the second was yesterday, on London’s underground. You can clearly see the distinct camera array on the rear:

Leaks related to the Pixel 4 have also come via the Android Q beta, with version 6.3 of the camera app alluding to the presence of face ID unlocking and a rear telephoto lens.

We expect the handset to launch this October but I’m sure the leaks and rumours will keep on flowing thick and fast until then. so stay frosty for more juicy titbits. [TechRadar]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.