Google Camera Is Making Some Changes Based on How You Actually Use Your Camera

The latest feature of the Android Q beta has given the camera a common sense update that switched out Panorama for Night Sight on the main UI.

Rather than being tucked away in the ‘more’ menu, the low light photo setting is now just a swipe away, because how often are you using Panorama, really? More often than not, you’ll be whipping out your phone to snap a picture on a night out, and Google seems to think so too.

Version 6.3 of Google Camera is also doing way with colour temperature tweaking, so you’ll be relying on auto-white balance instead. The changes seem to be based on the way most users are interacting with the app, so we’ll how they’re received in the beta.

When it comes to Google’s upcoming handset, after leaked renders were doing the rounds, the company decided to nip all of the speculation in the bud and release official snaps of the device, which you can check out alongside our breakdown of what we’ve spotted from looking at the Google Pixel 4 official pictures. [The Verge]