That One Guy You Blocked On Tinder Disrupted A U.S. Rally Against Tech ‘Censorship’

That One Guy You Blocked On Tinder Disrupted A U.S. Rally Against Tech ‘Censorship’

Today in apocryphal U.S. right-wing horror stories of Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives: This dude at a D.C. “Demand Free Speech” rally to “demand unbiased social media, and an end to censorship” thrown by the far-right Proud Boys organisation on Sunday going on a lengthy rant about getting banned from Tinder.

Yes sir, from the U.S. president to random internet trolls, the sinister cabal of social justice warriors strikes fast and twists the knife, and it’s trying to keep this guy from meeting singles who definitely would have been interested if not for the frickin’ mods!

Read this tale of Digital Stalinism and weep for the fall of Western Civilisation:

I, I may have been the first person in history completely banned from Tinder because my picture, my picture of myself, in my dress blues uniform was reported for being offensive and promoting violence! I get that picture taken down. So you know what I did, I replaced it with a picture of me and Ted Cruz. I got completely banned off Tinder!

[indecipherable] I opened up a new email account before Crooked Hillary can delete it. I put up a new email account. I got a picture with Donald Trump at Trump Tower last week. That is my new profile picture! I’m waiting for these woke liberals, they’ll frickin’, report it… All that stuff. They don’t know! I wasn’t gonna swipe right on them anyway so I don’t know why they’re bothering.


[End of video]

Gizmodo has not bothered to verify the claims made in this speech or, frankly, made even the most cursory effort to identify this man standing athwart history yelling “date me cowards.” And we would certainly never float the possibility that said dress uniform was not the thing that got him banned from Tinder.

But we do hope this chilling anecdote comes to mind the next time a very concerned U.S. Republican in Congress proposes sweeping amendments to critical underpinnings of the modern internet like section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

And to this young patriot, might we be bold as to suggest you fire off a 32,000-word complaint to the White House’s “Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool”?

Oh wait, it seems to have closed after collecting a bunch of email addresses. Never mind.

[Alex Thomas/Twitter]