All The Marvellous Cosplay We Spotted At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day Two

All The Marvellous Cosplay We Spotted At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day Two
Photo: io9/Gizmodo

You wanted the cosplay, you’ve got the cosplay! San Diego Comic-Con is now in full swing, and fans are out in force with their best looks. Our latest photos highlight folks serving total cosplay realness on the con floor and around San Diego. Get ready: These cosplayers are bringing their A-game.

We’ve got a Geralt and Ciri team-up (on the same day as the first trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher!), a massive Hulkbuster build, and some really sinister-looking Disney villains.

Death stalks Comic-Con. (Image: io9/Gizmodo)

Emma Frost whips up a psychic storm. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
So Blade, Nurse Joker, and Wolverine walk into a bar… (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
This Harry Potter crowd is totally wizard! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)

Watch out, Fortnite players. The God of Thunder is here. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
This Hulkbuster cosplay is just incredible. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
One scoop or three? (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)

Welcome to modern day America, where Handmaids cosplayers show up at comic-cons and Federal buildings with regular occurrence. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Anyone lose a shiny slipper at SDCC? This prince is looking for you. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Zelda and Link are especially prepared to not go alone. But they should take that stuff from these nice elderly folks anyway! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The Riddler and Harley Quinn roll out on some sweet rides. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The Mother of Dragons is serving looks. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)

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