All The Amazing Cosplay We Witnessed At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day Three

(Photo: io9/Gizmodo)

Witness me! San Diego Comic-Con is entering its final day, but the cosplay showcase is far from over. Our latest collection of photos highlights the fantastic looks from Saturday — arguably the best day for cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con. Excelsior, my friends. Excelsior.

What cosplay did we spot on Saturday? Almost too much! We witnessed some mighty Furiosas, an unmasked Deadpool, and the return of the McVengers! Check out the best of the rest below.

Hell yeah, Midsommar cosplay! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The ladies of Marvel represent... Valkyrie just wants to get some more pre-drinks in though. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Alf’s back! In non-pog form! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Hello, Jessica Rabbit. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The truth is out there, just in minifigure form. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The Joker and Harley Quinn are looking downright apocalyptic. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Incineroar brings the heat! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Ms. Frizzle wants to give you an education at Comic-Con. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Ezio Auditore da Firenze, master assassin, at your service. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
The guardian of the green himself, Swamp Thing! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Dearly DC beloved, we are gathered here today... (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Cloud Strife is here to break some limits. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Doc Brown comes racing into 2019. Picked a hell of a place to show up! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
A druid and Critical Role’s Kayleth compare horns. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Daenerys Targaryen collects her award as... well, kinda very brief 2nd placer in the Game of Thrones? (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Meow, Catwoman... Catman? Wait, that’s a different character! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Kindle your flame with the help of some of Lordran’s finest. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Isn’t this little ODST just adorable? (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Ooooooh indeed, Ruby Rhod! (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Entering the Matrix is not required to enjoy this cosplay. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
Some Garden Gnomes showed up in San Diego and thought they’d have a visit. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)
As long as there’s still light, these brave pilots of the Resistance (and their Rebel friend), have got a chance. (Photo: io9/Gizmodo)