All Of Our Parents Believe In Ghosts

All Of Our Parents Believe In Ghosts
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We get into some weird conversations at the Pedestrian office.

This week the subject turn to odd stuff our parents think they have seen. As it turns out, almost all of us had extremely spooky stories courtesy of the people who birthed us.

And because everything is content, we thought we’d share them with you.

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I used to live in a house that my parents built from scratch. When they bought they original house they found a super old trunk filled with old clothes and photos; very colonial burial ground-esque. Spooky as shit, you know?

Anyway, fast forward. The house is built, we’re living in it, it’s great.

The house has two storeys, the stairs were near the front door and had a small landing between each level.

One night mum was walking down the stairs and got to the landing (where you could see down to the main level dining room) and saw a man and woman dressed in a tux and white dress just standing there… doing nothing. They were just chilling and being fucking scary.

She said they looked exactly like the clothing that was found in the trunk and almost poopied her pants – Georgia

My mum lost her brother a few years before I was born, and her father only six beforehand. A few days after the glory that was me entering the world she swears that they were watching over us as she fed me, wearing the clothes they died in.

They also apparently followed down the hallway after the nurse took me out. I believe her – Tegan

My mum swears she saw her dead uncle at her house in Greece when she was younger. He was in a rocking chair, just staring out to sea. She had never met him – Leah

My dad often tells the story of the time he saw a UFO. It was 1985 and he was camping in the mountains of Central Abruzzo in Italy.

He remembers it as a clear night, being able to see all the way over the valley. On the other side of the valley was the Telespazio (a facility that held a bunch of large radio telescopes) and a military base – so jets in the area were common).

He recalls sitting by the fire and seeing six lights in formation on the other side of the valley, and without warning they disappeared vertically at incredible speed. They thought nothing of it until a few minutes later three of the military jet fighters zoomed over and did circles of the valley for the next half hour.

They figured it was just a military exercise, until they returned home and Grandma had a newspaper clipping that said UFOs had been sighted over Central Abruzzo – Steph

My family has a little house in Laguna in the Hunter Valley. My mum swears that she sees the ghost of an Indigenous man at the top of the driveway every night she stays there. The toilet is outside. I can’t go pee in the night anymore – Ally

My dad, a staunch atheist, swears there was a ghost in a holiday house my family stayed in once. He says he heard something walk up the stairs a number of times. Like it was unmistakably a person, he reckons.

It was only him and mum in the place and mum was in bed. Every time dad got up to check it stopped. He’s a science teacher as well and even ruled out “house noises” as the cause. Spooky – Matt

I woke up in the early hours of the morning and saw something like a cloud or a smoke moving towards my husband. It looked like my grandmother-in-law’s soul and she was trying to tell my husband she had passed away.

Later that morning, I woke up because I heard my father-in-law having a panic attack outside and that’s when we found out she did pass away in her sleep during the morning. I have never forgotten that. Weeks later, I dreamed my grandmother-in-law was trying to talk to me through the backyard fence. – Sarah’s Mum, Monica

My mum swears she used to see a colonial looking ghost lady in our old house. Wearing white hats which are puffy on top with the draw strings – Queenie

My Dad swear’s he saw a black panther in the early hours of the morning a few years back out in Gloucester way. He is a traddie and was doing some work out there as he was driving along the country roads at around 6am he saw a giant black cat (the size of a panther) run across the road. He still talks about this incident – Dana

An old lady from my nan’s suburb passed and she swears she saw her a few times up at the shops and working in her garden afterwards. Nanna isn’t a liar – Georgia

My parents are boringly and stubbornly rational – but one of my mate’s mums swears she was visited by a relative on the night of her death.

One night while half asleep, she saw her aunt standing at the foot of her bed, staring at her and not speaking. She then received a phone call before she had fully woken up. It was her mother informing her that her aunt had just died. By then the aunt in her room had disappeared and it never returned. Spoooooky – Chris

My partner told me of a story that happened to him in the 1980’s.

He and his brother was driving down Campbelltown Road in Denham Court late one night. As they got closer to the service station a lady in white flagged them down. They slowed down and the next thing with woman was on the bonnet of the car. They could not see any feet as if she was flying. The two brother sped off and avoided ever using the road again at night.

This is similar to stories told in South Africa of women stopping men at night for lifts home. They then ask them to knock on the door to ensure her parents are home, only to be told the daughter had passed years earlier – Bianca

I have nothing useful to add, I’m just genuinely shocked people’s parents are like this. Mine are so damn sensible and logical – I’m the one pretty much constantly crying ghost. I don’t know how I happened – Kassia