7 More Reaction Gifs Featuring Famous Hollywood Actor Robert Redford

7 More Reaction Gifs Featuring Famous Hollywood Actor Robert Redford

Yesterday we learned that a lot of people think actor Robert Redford looks like comedian Zach Galifianakis. And honestly, it’s all very confusing.

Our friends over at Splinter published an article about the nodding-head-guy meme, which, to the apparent surprise of many, is taken from the 1972 Western Jeremiah Johnson starring Redford.

That article set off a chain reaction online, with outlets like Buzzfeed, USA Today, and Uproxx commenting on the viral story. People chimed in on Twitter as well, sometimes sheepishly admitting that they thought the gif was Galifianakis all along.

Honestly, we don’t see it. But as a public service, and inspired by the many jokesters of Twitter, we’re proud to present a list of reaction memes that also feature Robert Redford.

Here’s Robert Redford in the classic romantic comedy Barefoot in the Park (1967):

And here’s Redford in the espionage thriller Three Days of the Condor (1975):

Who could forget Robert Redford as the big game hunter in Out of Africa (1985)?

Or Robert Redford’s performance alongside the incomparable Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)?

Here’s Robert Redford with Brad Pitt in the movie Spy Game (2001):

Robert Redford, it must be said, was pure dynamite in The Natural (1984):

And here’s Redford in The Candidate (1972):

We hope this list clears some things up for our younger readers who may not remember that Robert Redford has been in some classic films over the years.

Respect your elders, kids. Redford is a movie legend. And confusing him with anyone else is just silly.