You'll Spare No Expense For This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park John Hammond Figure

Photo: Mattel

It’s not terribly surprising that there’s only been a handful of Jurassic Park John Hammond action figures to date. When it comes to old men with lots of money, Tony Stark gets most of the attention.

But 26 years after Jurassic Park stomped through theatres, Mattel is blessing us with a truly excellent Hammond figure. Unfortunately, you’ll need to attend San Diego Comic-Con to get one.

It’s part of Mattel’s “Jurassic World Legacy Collection” which is a clever way for the company to make figures and toys for characters from the original film, which is undoubtedly still the best Jurassic adventure to date.

Kenner was originally responsible for churning out Jurassic Park toys back in 1993, and while there was no shortage of them on store shelves, toy manufacturing has improved immensely in the past 26 years, as this John Hammond figure reflects.

Even at just 3 and 3/4 inches tall there’s a wonderful level of detail in this figure, including Hammond’s hat, watch, glasses, and walking stick capped with an insect trapped inside a polished chunk of amber.

The figure also comes with a laboratory dinosaur egg stand complete with a hatching velociraptor so the little science experiment can bond with its creator before growing up to be a lethal killing machine. Cute!

The $US15 ($22) figure will be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and can be purchased from Mattel’s retail booth at the convention starting on July 17. Con-goers are also able to pre-purchase via the Mattel store to skip the queue. For the rest of us, we'll just have to look on in envy.

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