There’s An Awesome New Infinity Train Trailer, But You Have To Work For It

There’s An Awesome New Infinity Train Trailer, But You Have To Work For It

Cartoon Network’s promising new animated series, , finally has a new full trailer. But, much like our science geek hero Tulip, solving a puzzle to watch it is part of the adventure.

This brief and obscure teaser recently debuted on Cartoon Network’s YouTube page. It starts with an infinity symbol and the sound of a fast-moving train, then plays a short, Stranger Things-style melody.

The video’s description guides people to a website filled with even more symbols…and an interactive piano. And that’s where you’ll be able to access the full trailer.

But you have to solve a mysterious piano puzzle to access the trailer for Infinity Train, a la The Goonies (except with less death). If you want to figure it out yourself, don’t read past this point until you’ve solved it. If you’re like me and just want to get to the damn trailer already, the solution is described below.

As pointed out by Polygon, the solution to the puzzle is to play the melody heard in the teaser. If you’re not a musician, it’s high D, then down to B, up to high G, then F#. Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t catch it: It’s hard and goes by really, really fast.

Infinity Train is a series based on an eight-minute short from Regular Show writer and storyboard artist Owen Dennis. The short plopped us right in the middle of Tulip’s everlasting train ride, taking her on a whirlwind of adventure and danger… with her friendly robots and corgi king by her side.

In this new trailer, we meet Tulip before the events of the Infinity Train short and see how she came to find herself on the train. We see new train cars and new threats—including that creepy masked thing that insists Tulip “take her seat.”

The series is set to debut on Cartoon Network later this year, and we’re ready to buckle in for a wild ride.