The New Lotus Electric Hypercar Could Be Called ‘Evija’

The New Lotus Electric Hypercar Could Be Called ‘Evija’

When Lotus first unveiled its plans for an all-new, all-electric hypercar back in April, code named Type 130, a good number of you balked at the name. Don’t expect that to stick around, though. The car will almost certainly bear a name-name, and it could very well be the Lotus Evija.

This is from Auto Express, which cited a trademark that the British automaker filed earlier this month.

We did a little digging around the UK’s Intellectual Property Office for ourselves and indeed found a trademark from one Group Lotus Limited for “Evija.”

The list of goods and services include “Land vehicles, parts and fittings for land vehicles included in Class 12,” “Repair and maintenance of vehicles, custom built construction of vehicles” and “Engineering services, vehicle and engine design services.” Sounds like the trademark for a car to me.

The Lotus Evija makes sense, too, as all of Lotus’s cars have begun with the letter “E” since 1956, according to Auto Express. Examples include the Esprit, Evora, Elise, Exige and Elan.

Whether or not Evija is the name of the upcoming hyper EV is unclear, but it’ll probably be the name of something at the very least, as Lotus has promised a slew of more cars.

Does Evija sound a little bit like a word I’d create by dragging my face across my keyboard? A little bit! Does it remind me of the word “ouija”? A lot! But maybe once I see the car, I’ll feel better about it.