The International Space Station Is Coming To Help Celebrate LEGO Ideas' 10th Anniversary

Last month Lego Ideas announced that it would be offering fans the chance to resurrect a rejected set from the archives, as part of its belated 10th anniversary celebrations. Two and a bit weeks later and we finally know which of four sets is going to end up being built by fans across the world. We're very happy to say that it will be the International Space Station.

The ISS was up against a Lego Stitch, a set of mini Atari arcade machines, and a bust of a guy ripping his chest open. While Stitch could have been a good set, the ISS won by a landslide 10,438 votes - which Lego claims is 45.6 per cent of all the votes cast. I'm happy about that, because it's a great-looking set, and I will never not say that it would look great next to my Saturn V and the Apollo Lunar Lander (when it arrives).

Stitch only got 5,739 votes, the arcade got 3,788 votes, and the yellow dude got 2,924 votes. While I don't want to say mean things about the designer, who obviously put a lot of time and effort into it, I find that last one kind of creepy.

So now the ISS goes through the motions of being tweaked and redesigned ready for a full-scale release, which will happen sometime next year. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, because I really want to add the display on my desk.

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