Student Told To Get Rid Of Giant Dick He Aimed At Trump

Remember the student who mowed a climate change message into the grounds of his family's estate? Well he's had to ditch the cock and balls aimed at president Trump after a visit from the fuzz.

The shorn penis and its accompanying sack were cut into the grass along with a polar bear, and the words "Oi Trump, climate change is real." Designed to be seen from above, you can't see the grassy member from ground level, even if you were sitting right on top of it. You wouldn't even know it was there.

Trump's flight path would have taken him over the area, which was the motivation for 18-year old Ollie Nancarrow to etch the special message to begin with. However, it's served its purpose now, so it's not all bad news.

"After a visit from the police I have been advised to change it, so the penis has since turned into a sea turtle," Nancarrow told the BBC. Essex police told him the giant cock could be in breach of public decency laws, so it had to go.

"I never meant to cause offence, even to Trump," the boy added. "The idea was just to raise awareness for climate change and I think I have done that."

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