Some Of The Cheapest Unlimited NBN 50 Plans In Australia

Some Of The Cheapest Unlimited NBN 50 Plans In Australia
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You don’t need to spend a lot to get a good NBN connection. Sure, Telstra and Optus may charge you top dollar, but you’ve got other options.

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When it comes to NBN 50 plans, you’ll be up for at least $85 per month with one of the big two providers. However, you can get the same sort of plan for between $60 and $70 if you’re happy to shop around and take a punt on a smaller provider.

NBN 50 plans are a safe bet if you don’t know what NBN speed to go for; they tend to be the sweet spot when it comes to speed and value. An NBN 50 plan will be a significant step up from an ADSL connection, and the monthly bill will be a lot more reasonable than an NBN 100 plan, which typically start at around $80 per month when you exclude promotional offers.

Here are some of the cheapest NBN 50 plans around with unlimited data:

If you’re after maximum savings, Exetel has one of the very cheapest unlimited data NBN 50 plans around, billed at $59.99 per month. However, you’ll need to sign a 12-month contract to get this price. Exetel reports typical evening speeds of 43Mbps.

If you’d prefer a no-contract option, Tangerine will sell you an NBN 50 plan for $64.90 per month for the first six months, and $74.90 per month thereafter. Tangerine also offers a 14-day risk free trial, which means you can leave within the first two weeks of connection and get a full refund of your plan fee and any modem charges you paid. And if you want to leave later, you can simply cancel whenever, since the plan is contract-free. Tangerine reports typical evening speeds of 42Mbps.

SpinTel has a similar no-contract NBN 50 plan, but with no promotional discounts: you’ll simply pay $64.95 per month. The plan’s typical evening speeds are a little lower though – 40Mbps during peak hours – and you’ll pay $74 upfront for a modem.

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