The Samsung Galaxy Home Is Totally Still On Its Way Guys

The Samsung Galaxy Home Is Totally Still On Its Way Guys
Image: Samsung

Things have been a bit weird for the Samsung Galaxy Home since being first announced at the Note 9 launch in August 2018.

While it was never publicly given a hard release date, DJ Koh did confirm with CNET that it would be in April 2019. When that window closed, a Samsung rep told The Verge that it would appear on shelves in the first half of 2019.

We’re in June now and the chonky boi is still nowhere to be seen. But apparently there is a new release window.

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Since rumours began swirling about the release of a mini version of the Galaxy home over the past few weeks, there has been a bit of a question mark over what was happening with its bigger sibling. Especially due to the missed release dates.

But Samsung’s Consumer Electronics CEO, Kim Hyun-suk has now confirmed a new release period with the Korea Herald.

“The Galaxy Home speaker, which will be the centre of Samsung’s home appliances, is planned to be launched in mid-second half of the year,” he said.

It is understood that “mid-second half of the year” has also been confirmed by other Samsung executives. That means that we’re probably going to see it in Q3 2019.

The Samsung Galaxy home will feature eight microphones, include far-field voice recognition, include Bixby and will be able to connect to other smart home devices.

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