Paul Rudd Is Joining The Next Ghostbusters, But Maybe Not To Bust Ghosts

Paul Rudd Is Joining The Next Ghostbusters, But Maybe Not To Bust Ghosts

We don’t know yet. Maybe he’ll moonlight in busting. We’ve heard it makes you feel good?

Variety reports that Rudd has entered final negotiations to join the upcoming Ghostbusters movie from Jason Reitman, a spiritual continuation of the setting in the first two Ghostbusters movies, rather than the universe established in 2016’s Ghostbusters.

Details on just what Rudd’s character would be up to are being kept rather spartan – all we know right now is that he’d be playing a teacher. Here’s Reitman himself with a comment to Variety, essentially confirming the casting is all but sealed:

I’ve been wanting to work with Paul Rudd since my short film opened for Wet Hot American Summer at Sundance. I’m thrilled he’ll be joining this new chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe.

As for Rudd, he’s obviously thrilled as well, as this adorable video shows:

Presumably, Rudd’s teacher character will have ties to the rest of the main cast’s family unit: Carrie Coon, playing a currently unnamed single mother, and her kids, played by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard and Captain Marvel’s Mckenna Grace.

The film will also apparently include a few familiar faces from the original films, with Sigourney Weaver recently rumoured to reprise her role as Dana.

We’ll bring you more on Sony’s plans for the new Ghostbusters, set to release in 2020, when we learn them.