Of Course Oppo’s Foldable Has A Pop-Up Camera

Of Course Oppo’s Foldable Has A Pop-Up Camera

Oppo loves a pop-up camera. From the sliding Find X to the Shark Fin selfie camera on the Reno – they bloody froth it.

So it really isn’t surprising that the manufacturer is staying on brand when it comes to foldables.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about an Oppo foldable. It’s pretty much been a sure thing since Mobile World Congress earlier this year, where the company had a bezel-heavy prototype.

Fortunately, this iPad-mini reminiscent big boy is unlikely to be anything close to the finished product. A new patent has given us a better idea of what we could be looking forward to, though.

It’s basically just a bunch of rendered images, but it reveals a pop-up camera with two lenses and a sensor. The bezels are also noticeably smaller and the screen seem to fold outwards.

A blessed headphone jack is also present.

Sadly there are no other details to accompany the mock-ups, and this design may never see the light of day. But it’s still, interesting to see how a company may be approaching a brand new product category, particularly when it has had such a tumultuous start.

Here’s to hoping that we’ll actually see a foldable land in Australia this year. When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, I’m starting to think that it will re-launch with the Note 10. Fingers crossed!