New Poll Finds People Are Excited About Robert Pattinson As Batman, But Screw That, They Forgot Adam West

New Poll Finds People Are Excited About Robert Pattinson As Batman, But Screw That, They Forgot Adam West

How dare you, Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult. How. Dare. You.

The lauded industry publication just announced the results of a new poll it conducted with Morning Consult, charting fan reaction to Robert Pattinson replacing Ben Affleck as the DC movieverse’s Dark Knight.

Given that the internet isn’t quite as abjectly on fire as it was in the days after Batfleck Cometh, it’s unsurprising that people are by and large excited to see RPatz become RBatz, specifically, people aged 18-29, and people over 65, bizarrely.

Those are the only age brackets that Pattinson handily won against his rival poll entrant Nicholas Hoult, who was also heavily rumoured to be one of the final contenders for the role before Pattinson eked out his place in comic book movie history.

Every other bracket was decidedly closer, but broke for Hoult over Pattinson by a smattering of percentage points—at most 7 per cent, nothing like the whopping 12 per cent gap between Pattinson and Hoult in the 18-29 demographic.

Robert Pattinson: The Batman of the Youths and the Olds. (Image: THR/Morning Consult)

But we’re not here to debate the worthiness of Battinson (he’s a great actor, he’ll be fine, it’s Batman, it’ll be interesting!). We’re here to discuss the other poll in THR and Morning Consult’s report. The slanderous one.

The one that asked 2,201 American citizens about their favourite Batman actor from a select roster of the many men who have been under the cowl over the last 80 years.

But they forgot the best one. They forgot Adam Goddamn West.

That Bale number is too damn high, America. (Image: THR/Morning Consult)

They also forgot the other Best One, Kevin Conroy, but at least there you could ostensibly defend the polls by saying that this was looking for live-action Batman performances, rather than vocal ones (we already have a definitive ranking for that, thank you very much).

Perhaps we can chalk this up to a misguided attempt to winnow down the list by making it specifically movie Batmen, but that too remains disrespectful to a character that has thrived in so many different mediums, including television.

You could also argue that maybe West was included, and just didn’t score high enough to be listed. In which case, there’s no accounting for taste, especially bad taste. But we can’t say. As far as it appears, West’s iconic Batman performance was left unremarked on.

And that’s wrong, because Adam West’s Batman is divine—wacky, charming, heroic, tragic, a brave and bold interpretation of a character that is so often left to wallow in the shadows, bringing him into the light, and to life, as a daring caped crusader.

In an endless sea of brooding billionaires, Adam West stands out as one of Gotham’s finest sons, a refreshing escape from the tragedy that feels almost inescapable with Batman as a character at times. He shines. He does it while doing the Batusi, because of course he would.

Never forget that when you become Batman, you are Batman forever.

That means you just don’t forget the brightest Batman of all. For shame!