It Looks Like A Big Dark Phoenix Surprise Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight

It Looks Like A Big Dark Phoenix Surprise Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight

Remember when it was common for big-budget action films to be marketed with the help of strategically-produced songs and music videos that featured footage from the movie itself? Dark Phoenix remembers.

In the days leading up to Dark Phoenix’s release on Thursday, what remains of 20th Century Fox has been churning out a surprisingly large number of advertisements (three this week alone) for the film that all feature slightly different footage from the same handful of scenes.

It was easy to miss the small Instagram announcement that Emeli Sandé’s “Extraordinary Being”, a new song from her upcoming third album Real Life, was to be included in Dark Phoenix’s soundtrack, and even easier to miss the accompanying official music video that popped onto YouTube last week.

In typical movie tie-in fashion, the music video doesn’t have all that much to do with Dark Phoenix aside from featuring even more of the same footage from the TV spots. But about halfway through the song, someone rather… interesting shows up.

[Note: We’re going to be discussing what may wind up being spoilers in here, so here’s your warning.]

Almost two years after reports that Fox was looking to cast Dazzler in Dark Phoenix, it certainly appears as though the character makes a brief appearance in the video. In scenes pulled from the film, woman dressed a lot like Dazzler dances, surrounded by a swirl of sparkling light and doing her best to keep disco alive.

The shots are quick, and you don’t get the best look at the actress’ face, but how many mutants do you know that wear blue face paint, white jumpsuits with plunging necklines, and huge Farrah Fawcett hair?

A woman dancing in a scene from Dark Phoenix. (Image: YouTube)

Dark Phoenix hits cinemas June 6.