I Am Very Into These Rad Retrofuturistic Synthwave Music Videos With Cars

I Am Very Into These Rad Retrofuturistic Synthwave Music Videos With Cars

Today I learned there is a whole genre of YouTube videos which are just cool car scenes from shows and films with techno/electro/synthwavey-sounding music laid over them. I am 100 per cent here for it.

Check out this clip from No Man’s Land with Dance With The Dead on top of it. It’s… I mean, it’s awesome right?

Dance With The Dead makes some of my favourite driving music, by the way. Put this on when you have a dark stretch of highway to yourself and you just might time travel.

Anyway, here’s some of the best footage from classic car movie Vanishing Point to the tune of LazerHawk:

Miami Vice (the ’80s TV show, not the Colin Farrell movie) is of course a quintessential cars-and-club music cocktail. But, fair warning, you might not want to watch this one at work because there are as many gratuitous bikini shots as there are car scenes. Still, the music-to-scene syncing is probably the best out of this bunch:

Speaking of stuff you might not want to watch in mixed company, somebody put a beat over Akira clips and it’s cool in a slightly different (more unsettling) way:

If you’re into anime I want to see something a little less disturbing, but similarly dubbed in synthwave, here’s a clip from Riding Bean which I’d never heard of but am suddenly very intrigued by:

Or if you’re not feeling animation, surely you can get down with a rocking version of the greatest movie car chase of all time from Ronin:

Another Japanese production that this little research rabbit hole brought me to was Shuto Kôsoku Toraiaru 2. Or, at least, this clip of it:

Finally, though not quite as creatively intriguing in my personal opinion, there is also a batch of pretty cool old rally racing clips with a sweet synthesized soundtrack:

This obviously isn’t a new phenomenon; a lot of these uploads are pretty old. But I’m pretty stoked to have discovered it. Now we clearly have some new movies and musical artists to check out!