Elon Musks it Up Again: Posts 'Occupy Mars' Image Featuring the Moon

Elon Musk and Twitter are a bizarre, and sometimes volatile mix. To the point where the US FEC has been trying to get someone to check his tweets before they go live, much to his disapproval. But social Elon strikes again, and this time he posted an image demanding people 'Occupy Mars' that featured a picture of the moon.

Amateur astronomers will know that this is the moon during an eclipse, sometimes known as the 'blood moon'. It is not Mars, because Mars doesn't actually look like that. With all his talk about Mars you'd think Elon would know the difference between the two, and naturally Twitter has been quick to point out his latest failure to think about what he tweets.

But at least this time Elon admitted to the mistake with some humour, rather than having a rant about something.

It is probably a good idea to occupy the Moon, since NASA wants to use it as a refuelling station for ships heading out to the Red Planet. But that probably deserves its own special logo, rather than this weird hybrid monstrosity.

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