Elon Musk ‘Deletes Twitter Account’, Becomes Daddy

Elon Musk ‘Deletes Twitter Account’, Becomes Daddy

Elon is having a totally normal one again.

On Monday Elon Musk declared on Twitter that he had deleted Twitter.

Of course, you can’t tweet after deleting your Twitter account and I’m glad I could ruin the joke for everyone.

But that wasn’t all. Musk also decided to change his name to Daddy Dotcom because… who even knows at this point?

This isn’t the first time that the Tesla CEO changed his name. Back in February he switched it out for ‘Elon Tusk’.

It’s unclear if this is just Elon being Elon or if it’s the work of Tesla’s new social media manager, Adam Koszary, whose tweet of an ‘absolute unit’ black and white sheep from the The Museum of English Rural Life Twitter account, went viral.

Musk himself engaged with the the tweet and followed the account. He even changed his profile picture to the sheep itself when the The Museum of English Rural Life account changed theirs to a picture of Musk.

Musk ultimately ended up hiring that guy to head up Tesla’s social accounts. And deciding to go full meme lord yesterday could very well be a distraction tactic.

Musk’s most recent slew of weird Twitter choices have come right after called out en masse for tweeting fan art of the character ‘2b’ from Nier Automata without crediting the artists.

He’s already been legally busted for doing before.

Image: Kotaku

Musk proceeded to tweet to follow ups which read “always credit everyon” and “no one should be credited with anything ever”” before finishing up with this rant:

Image: Kotaku

The artist even got involved

Musk has since deleted the artist credit related tweets and changed his name back to Elon Musk from Daddy Dotcom. His icon is still just a black circle.