Deals: Get Our Favourite Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones For $289 [Updated]

Image: Tegan Jones/Gizmodo Australia

We haven't exactly been subtle about our love for Sony's 1000XM3 headphones here at Gizmodo. Both the U.S. and Aussie teams alike froth them because of its ridiculous sound and noise cancelling capabilities, quick charge USB-C and just how damn comfy they are.

And this weekend you can get them for under $300.

Sony's Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones: Six Months Later

I was really excited when Sony's 1000XM3 headphones showed up on my desk last year. I was a big fan of the M2s and was curious about what improvements could be made to such high quality cans, especially when the price on the previous gen were still consistently high. Some shops were even still selling them at the same price. After living with these for the past few months, I have some opinions.

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Yeah they sold out pretty much immediately.

The MX3's still tend to retail for over $500, though eBay usually has them at around the $420 mark. As of Saturday 22 June at 10:00 the site will be dropping the price to just $289. We don't have the link yet but we'll throw it up as soon as the deal is live.

The sale only lasts for two days and you need to have eBay Plus to take advantage of it. But you can always play a bit dirty and sign up for the free trial to snap these up if you so choose.

Cans this good are absolutely worth it in my humble opinion. I still use them daily for work and commuting, and they're always in my carry-on for long haul flights. These things are hot

There are some other tech deals that might be worth taking advantage of if you're gaming the system with the free trial. There will be a Samsung Galaxy S10 available for $899 (down from $1,339) and a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer down to $375 from $499. As users of both I can confirm these are good deals.

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