Deals: $350 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plans

Deals: $350 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plans
Image: The Note9 can recognise these as flowers
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Attention Galaxy Note fans! Woolworths Mobile has a deal you might be interested in.

Until the end of June it is offering $350 off the Note 9, across the length of your contract.

On the cheapest end of the scale you can get a Note 9 for $67.86 a month on a standard 24-month plan. If you need more data than that though, we would recommend paying the extra $10 a month to bump it up to 12GB.

Here’s the full range of options.

If you want to make this a little cheaper you can opt for a 36-month contract instead, which brings the 12GB plan down to $61.90 a month. That’s a pretty big commitment for a phone that will be previous gen in a few months, though.

For comparison, here are the cheapest Note 9 plans (excluding leases) with other carriers that have at least 10GB of data a month.