Come And Weep Over These Exclusive Comic-Con Toys You’ll Probably Never Own

Come And Weep Over These Exclusive Comic-Con Toys You’ll Probably Never Own

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular roundup of the latest in rad merchandise that’s draining our wallets. And this week, it’s even worse. We might be a month away from San Diego Comic-Con, but that just means it’s time for companies to tease us with the cool things that we can’t get without going…and still might not, even if we are. Check it out!

Editor’s Note: With these toy reveals being exclusive to SDCC, there are no Australian prices listed.

SDCC Exclusive: Lego Captain Marvel and Asis Set

As we just mentioned, we’re a little under a month away from SDCC, which means it’s time for collectibles makers to start whipping fans into a frenzy over convention exclusives.

Lego’s 271-piece, $US45 ($65) Captain Marvel and Asis set includes minifig versions of Cap, Goose the Flerken (revealing its true identity), and Monica Rambeau. But don’t expect to be able to just stroll up to Lego’s booth and walk away with one. It will only be available for purchase via a lottery through the SDCC Online Exclusives Portal System sometime during the last week of June.

SDCC Exclusive: Lego DC Comics Super Heroes The Dark Knight of Gotham City

It’s unfortunately the same story for Lego’s SDCC-exclusive, 427-piece Dark Knight of Gotham City set. The wonderfully detailed $US45 ($65) vignette featuring Batman perched over the city as he’s summoned by the Bat signal will only be available for purchase from the Lego Comic-Con booth by those fortunate enough to win a lottery ahead of time, with entries opening sometime in late June.

SDCC Exclusive: Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Ecto-35

Hot on the heels of Hasbro’s excellent transforming Ectotron revealed at Toy Fair 2019 earlier this year comes some additional Autobot backup for the Ghostbusters.

This time it’s Optimus Prime joining the fight against specters, spirits, and ghosts as Ecto-35. It’s Optimus Prime exactly as you remember him from the ‘80s, but this time featuring a Ghostbusters makeoever, and his own proton pack strapped to the roof of his transforming trailer.

At $US150 ($216) it’s one of the pricier SDCC exclusives, but Hasbro is going to have no trouble finding a home for as many as it decides to make.

SDCC Exclusive: Hasbro Marvel 80th Anniversary Hulk Figure

Hasbro’s celebrating Marvel’s 80th anniversary in 2019 with smashing style! Literally, because the company is bringing this take on the classic comics-style Incredible Hulk to its line of special retro-styled figures.

The packaging is mainly what makes it retro, as otherwise this 6″ scale Hulk is just as detailed and articulated as the rest of its gamma-irradiated brethren in the Marvel Legends line. Aside from a rage-filled demeanour, the Hulk comes with a crush pipe to grip and swing around. If you’re attending Comic-Con next month, Bruce Banner will set you back $US35 ($50).

But good news: If you’re not in San Diego, limited quantities will be available in “other select conventions” in the U.S., South America, Australia, and Europe, according to Hasbro.

SDCC Exclusive: Hot Wheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon

Second runner up to the Batmobile as the coolest superhero ride might be the Ninja Turtles’ manhole lid-launching Party Wagon. It effortlessly mixed business and fun, and is finally being immortalised as a tiny die-cast replica by Mattel.

The Hot Wheels version, available exclusively from Mattel’s SDCC retail booth starting on July 18 for $US25 ($36), features some impressive detailing given its size, including moving missile launchers on the roof, and a swing-out door revealing the actual turtles themselves.

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Spider-Man: Far From Home Stealth Suit Spider-Man

Oh look, something that isn’t exclusive to Comic-Con! Peter Parker gets kitted out in several new suits in his upcoming movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Hot Toys has already got its eyes on turning his wardrobe into a range of expensive action figures.

First up is the Stealth Suit, Peter’s gift from Nick Fury while on a European vacation so he can still do his spider-thing while not drawing attention to the fact that, duh, Spider-Man is suddenly in Europe. It’s a cool costume, and Hot Toys’ recreation is pretty swell.

Peter comes with alternate hands to pose him slinging, twhipping, and punching his way through danger; webbing to accompany said alternate hands; and rather cutely, the ability to flip up his spider-goggles and reveal the uncannily-detailed eyes of Tom Holland underneath them.

If you splash out on the deluxe version of the figure, he even comes with a base replicating Molten Man, so you can pose Peter facing off with one of his elemental foes from the new film. The figure is due out later next year. [Hot Toys]

SDCC Exclusive: Jada Toys 1:24-scale Batman the Animated Series Batmobile

The Turtles’ Party Wagon might be rad, but the Batmobile will always be the most envied tool for fighting crime. And while Batman has taken the wheel of countless designs, few are as universally loved as his Art Deco-inspired ride from Batman the Animated Series.

At SDCC, Jada Toys will have just 300 of these seven-inch long die-cast BTAS Batmobiles up for grabs for $US50 ($72) each. It’s got a beautifully shiny black chrome finish, and includes a three-inch tall Batman figurine who, unfortunately, can’t actually climb aboard.

SDCC Exclusive: Hallmark PopMinded Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Ice Mould

How bad do we want to sip on a cocktail cooled with a small fleet of Wonder Woman’s invisible jets? Badly enough to spend $US20 ($29) on this silicone ice cube mould that also creates an equally frozen version of the Wonder Woman logo.

It will be available from the PopMinded booth—Hallmark’s new collectors brand—and you can bet the limited run of 1000 pieces is going to sell out quickly.

Mattel Hot Wheels Super Mario Kart Track Sets

A year ago, at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Mattel revealed a line of Super Mario Kart Hot Wheels characters and vehicles.

They’ve only just started showing up on store shelves in the past few weeks, but it’s already time to expand your hunt as Mattel has also just revealed a collection of Hot Wheels Super Mario Kart track sets featuring motorised launchers and obstacles like Thwomps and Piranha plants. You don’t have to head to San Diego Comic-Con to find these, however, they’ll be available as early as this weekend exclusively at Target stores in the U.S. There’s currently no word on an Australian release.