Behold The Most Cooked Australia Post Delivery

Behold The Most Cooked Australia Post Delivery

Image: Tense_OCE on Twitter

It’s not uncommon for people to have interesting Australia Post stories.

Parcels not turning up. Getting a failed delivery slip even though you you were home all day. Not being able to pick up said delivery because its been taken to an inconvenient Post Office and you work from 9 – 5.

But when it comes to Australia Post stories, this one is next level.

Over the weekend a customer took to Twitter to call out Australia Post for the unique way in which a package of theirs was delivered.

It had somehow ended up on their roof. Yes, roof.

Not only that, a delivery slip was left by Australia Post employee, admitting that they had accidentally delivered the package to the top of their dwelling.

They also ‘helpfully’ suggested that the recipient use a broom to get it down.

Apologies for the pun, but there’s a lot to unpack here. How exactly does one deliver a package to a roof accidentally?

Was it hurled from the road with too much force and at a sub-optimal angle? Did Hedwig drop it on her way to visit Harry?

Seriously though, it would perhaps be good customer service to at least leave a number so you can apologise explain the situation.

Australia Post doesn’t seem to know what happened either, though it’s looking into the matter.

Speaking to Gizmodo Australia, an Australia Post spokesperson said, “We have investigated what has happened in this case and are reaching out to the customer as part of that process. This behaviour is unacceptable, and we will be taking disciplinary action.”

Whatever happened, let’s hope that whatever was in the package wasn’t breakable.