A Built-in Breathalyzer Lets This Grown Up Tamagotchi Toy Join You For A Night Of Drinking

A Built-in Breathalyzer Lets This Grown Up Tamagotchi Toy Join You For A Night Of Drinking

The Tamagotchi has come a long way in the past twenty years. There’s a lot you can now do with the virtual pets (get married!) but they’re still mostly targeted at kids.

So the designers at MTN GODS designed and built a Tamagotchi that’s all grown up and ready to go shot for shot with you during a night out partying. But overdo it and you’ll be cleaning up virtual puke instead of digital poop.

The Yopparatchi, named after yopparai, the Japanese word for drunk, shares a lot of the same features and functionality of the Tamagotchi that used to hang off your backpack in grade school. It’s got a tiny monochrome LCD screen with crude pixelated character animations, and a set of three basic buttons for making selections from in-game menus. The feature you won’t find on any of Bandai’s virtual pets is a built-in breathalyzer.

In addition to three simple buttons, users can interact with Yopparatchi using an alcohol-detecting breathalyzer. (Gif: MTN GODS)

Instead of slogging through mundane day to day chores like cleaning up after Yopparatchi or taking it for a walk, your virtual companion only really cares about having a good time and getting drunk. But you can’t just open a digital fridge and grab a pixelated cold one. In order for your Yopparatchi to have a drink, you must have one too. After taking a sip you blow into the breathalyzer and if it detects alcohol, your pixelated reveler will be offered a beer or a wine.

Yopparatchi’s eight stages of inebriation. (Photo: MTN GODS)

As you progress through a night of partying, Yopparatchi will get drunker and drunker through eight different stages of inebriation. If you have a little too much, you’ll find yourself cleaning up pixelated puke and having to carefully nurse your pet’s hangover. But if you take too much time between drinks, the Yopparatchi will grab a cup of coffee, requiring more partying on your part to get it drunk again.

So what’s the endgame? As with a night of partying, Yopparatchi really just wants to have a good time without eventually puking all over itself in the back of a taxi cab. There’s no family to raise and care for, no feedings required, and no risk of your pet turning up dead one morning—which can be a real downer when you’re already nursing a hangover yourself.

So where you can you buy one? You can’t, at least not yet. Its creators don’t want to put it into mass production out of concerns about it ending up in kids hands and promoting underage drinking. But if they get enough positive feedback, they might create a limited production run so you never have to find yourself drinking alone ever again.