A Bare Chested Jeff Goldblum Is The Only Reason You Need To Grab This Epic Lego Jurassic Park Set

A Bare Chested Jeff Goldblum Is The Only Reason You Need To Grab This Epic Lego Jurassic Park Set

Lego didn’t make sets based on popular movies until 1999 when it released a Star Wars X-wing. As a result, when Jurassic Park destroyed the box office in 1993—26 years ago today, in fact—there were sadly no dino Lego sets to be had. Now, Lego is making up for it with a massive set featuring a 69cm long T. rex, a towering 41cm Jurassic Park gate, and a majestic bare-chested Jeff Goldblum figure.

Gif: Lego

Lego has already produced countless T. rex toys over the years, but they’ve been pre-moulded creations that collectors don’t really have to build. This time around, the 3,120-piece Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage set includes a T. rex you build from scratch, with an articulated head, jaws that open and close, and posable arms and legs. It looks wildly out of scale with Lego minifigures, but you probably won’t hear any Jurassic Park fans complaining about scientific inaccuracy here.

No shirtless Nedry too? Lego giveth and Lego taketh away. (Photo: Lego)

The set comes with six equally excellent minifigures including updated versions of the Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler figures from last year’s Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase set that now feels like a huge disappointment. T. rex Rampage also includes new Dennis Nedry, Ray Arnold, and John Hammond minifigures, but standing hand and feet above the rest is the injured, open shirt Ian Malcolm fig from the latter half of the film. In fact, you can recreate the film’s most memorable scene—Ian’s sultry pose in the visitor center bunker—with the set’s park gate accessory.

In addition to a pair of doors that are geared together so they both swing open at the same time, on the back of the gate you’ll find seven movie-inspired vignettes including Ian’s bunker bed, Ellie attempting reboot the park in the power shed, John eating ice cream, and an abandoned toilet where we assume a tiny Lego lawyer minifigure once sat.

The set will be available starting July 1, but with a hefty $360 price tag, this one might only appeal to the die-hard Jurassic Park fans out there.