What We’re Hoping To See In Phase Four Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

What We’re Hoping To See In Phase Four Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Image: Marvel Studios

Yes, I know we’re all still only just recovering from the events of Avengers: Endgame (excuse me while I take a moment…), but there’s so much more to look forward to in the utterly colossal Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that we can’t help but speculate.

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If you’re sitting there wondering what all this talk of phases is about, it’s simple: the MCU plots out their cinematic releases in blocks. The first few blocks have been separated by the Avengers films, and go all the way from the original Iron Man through to the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home.

After that though, we’re looking at a whole new block of MCU content coming our way over the next few years. We’ll be seeing sequels, new characters, new storylines and new ways that the world will be threatened.

So to the Marvel bigwigs, if I could have your attention please: this is what else we want to see from Phase Four of the MCU.

Better representation

Phase Four brings with it the promise of two very important elements: female representation in the Black Widow standalone movie (FINALLY) and Asian representation with the prospective Shang-Chi movie.

We may not have much information about the Shang-Chi flick just yet, but we’ve been holding out for this Black Widow flick since the very first Avengers movie back in 2012 (though to be honest I’ve been holding out since Iron Man 2). So yes, it’s been a long time coming.

But we say give us more of the ladies anyway. Give us She-Hulk. Give us Female Thor. Give us a Valkyrie standalone movie. Give us more than just a single scene of female solidarity. Give us the A-Force. GIVE US SHURI.

Oh and speaking of the smartest human in the universe, we’ll also be seeing Black Panther 2 in Phase Four. The first Black Panther was a massive critical and commercial success, so there’s no reason why representation within the MCU can’t be much more diverse and inclusive.

Exploration of the multiverse

Now that the latest Spider-Man trailer has confirmed the existence of the multiverse, there’s no reason that Phase Four can’t go more into detail about this – frankly they’d be crazy if they didn’t.

The multiverse opens up a world of possibilities – whether it means bringing back people who are dead in the original Avengers universe (Loki, I’m looking at you here) or bringing in a whole host of new characters, the scope is endless.

After all, we’re going to have to step it up yet again when it comes to the villain stakes, so it’s the right time. Who could be bigger and badder than Thanos? My first thought would be Galactus, and maybe even the promise of seeing some Celestials.

Or even some familiar faces, which leads me to my next point.

Bringing in the old favourites

Now that Disney has acquired Fox, there’s a lot more scope for some crossover between Fox entities like the X-Men, Fantastic Four and even Deadpool – especially now that the multiverse theory is confirmed.

It’ll mean we don’t have to come up with a weird explanation for why all the mutants weren’t there to help fight against Thanos – they simply existed in an entirely different timeline and universe. It is what it is, you know.

And sure, we should probably let Earth have a bit of a break – the innocents have dealt with their fair share of catastrophic events (infinity snap, anyone?) – but it doesn’t have to be a crisis of universal proportions.

Besides, as a massive Sophie Turner fan (Queen Sansa please), it stands to reason that I’d want her involvement somehow. Moving across to the MCU would be a hell of a power move for her, and we all know her character could give the current roster of villains a run for their money.

And those are just the grander-scale concepts we want to see. I’m also keen to see the dynamic between Falcon and Bucky play out, to see how they’re going to wrangle Loki now that he’s coming back (we ain’t in Thor: Ragnarok anymore) and just to see how the characters recover.

And now I’ve reminded myself of how Endgame finishes, so I’m going to go right on back to the first MCU films for some comfort.

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