Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, And More

Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, And More

The new season of Agents of SHIELD is closer than you think. Child’s Play commits to a very peculiar marketing campaign. The Suicide Squad adds another Batman villain. Plus, what’s to come in iZombie’s final season, and a new John Wick clip. To me, my spoilers!

The Suicide Squad

Daniela Melchior has joined the cast of The Suicide Squad as its female incarnation of the sewer-dwelling Batman villain, Ratcatcher. According to Variety, Melchior’s character, “will have some connection to whomever [Idris] Elba ends up playing.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

THR reports the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie is now “planned for a 2020 shoot,” now that James Gunn has returned to the project.

Wonder Woman 1984

In honour of Gal Gadot’s birthday, director Patty Jenkins shared a brand new image from Wonder Woman 1984. From what little we can see, it looks sort of Dynasty meets the 2009 Star Trek.

Child’s Play

The latest poster for the Child’s Play remake puts Toy Story 4 on blast.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick turns to Halley Berry for guidance in the latest clip from Parabellum.


Meanwhile, Bloody-Disgusting has an exclusive clip from the upcoming cosmic horror film, Starfish.


According to Deadline, Vincent Cassel has joined the cast of Westworld’s third season as a vaguely described “new villain,” and will be a series regular.


Speaking with TV Guide, creator Rob Thomas stated fans should expect “a ton of resolution” by the end of iZombie’s fifth season. You’d hope so, given it’s the final one!

You should expect a ton of resolution. It was the upside of having a target that we were going after. Every other year, we wanted to leave people demanding more. This year we knew we weren’t going to get more. We tied everything up in a bow. It’s funny because I feel like there would not be more Veronica Mars if I had tied up Season 3 in a nice bow and I’m really happy in that case that I didn’t. Season 3 Veronica Mars we were very much on the bubble. This season, we were told “you’re getting one and no more,” so we thought we’re going to answer all these questions for the fans. There might be a couple lingering questions that are fun thought experiments, but fans should expect a ton of resolution at the end of this season.

Agents of SHIELD

A new poster from reveals season six premieres this May 10 at 8/7c in the U.S. No news on when the sixth season will be coming to Australia as of yet.

The Flash

The Flash promises to wrap up its Cicada II arc in the trailer for next week’s episode, “The Girl with the Red Lightning.”

The 100

Meanwhile, a six-second trailer for next week’s episode of The 100 promises quick cuts, attempted drowning, and at least one good stabbing.

Legends of Tomorrow

Finally, the CW has released a featurette on next week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “Nip/Stuck.” Obviously, the title is a reference to Gary’s newly-acquired demonic nipple.

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