The Official Title Of The Picard Star Trek Show Won't Shock You

We’re also fairly certain Picard won’t have a beard in his new show. (Photo: CBS)

It’s right there in the headline, just reversed. The title is Star Trek: Picard.

CBS made the announcement at its upfront presentation today, and then made it internet official with a nice little title treatment revealed on Twitter.

Here’s an image, in case the embed doesn’t work for you.

The logo for Star Trek: Picard. (Image: CBS)

Straightforward? Yes. But in a good way, we think. It’s a show all about Picard, so it makes sense.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “That’s it? I clicked and only got that?” Don’t worry, there’s a tiny bit more. Here’s what we believe to be first image from the series, courtesy of Kate Aurthur from BuzzFeed:

And, as you can see there, he doesn’t have the beard like “aged Picard” in his previous series. The image is from a short clip that played at the event, which, according to Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, featured “a Starfleet officer asking Jean-Luc, ‘May I have your name, please, sir?’ as Picard appears incredulous.”

And now, that’s it.

Star Trek: Picard is coming soon to Amazon Prime in Australia.

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