The Internet Roasted The Game Of Thrones Finale, Also Froths Robin Arryn Now

The Internet Roasted The Game Of Thrones Finale, Also Froths Robin Arryn Now
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Image: Sh5nE

Now we know it’s flown under the radar, but yesterday the finale of Game of Thrones aired.

Unsurprisingly, people had a lot of FEELINGS that they needed to get out in meme form. These are the best of them.

Game Of Thrones Finale Recap: The Iron Throne

It’s been eight years since Game of Thrones first hit our screens. Ten years of filming and production. Eight seasons. Countless tense moments. Approximately ten million heartbreaks. Probably oceans of blood. At least one Starbucks coffee.

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So Bran’s the king now I guess

I, Tyrion Lannister, of my own free will, pick Bran from freefolk

Bran the dick from freefolk

Top notch foreshadowing. from freefolk

Our boy was dedicated from freefolk

On top of everything else, this made zero sense to me. from freefolk

Just a reminder that Westeros is now officially a surveillance state from freefolk

Shout out to The Night King who was trying to save us from this Bran bullshit all along. from freefolk

And Robin Arryn got low key hot in a Disney Prince type way

Tiddy milk = super serum from freefolk

Jon’s story comes full circle after murdering his lover-aunt

In retrospect, he should’ve told Cat ! from freefolk

Tormund? from freefolk

Clip of Jon arriving to serve his watch leaving all the political bullshit behind. from freefolk

This episode was written and directed by Catelyn Stark. Sansa is queen, Arya is doing her thing, Bran is king and Jon is exiled and forgotten. from freefolk

Grey Worm getting PRANKED!???????? from freefolk

Also me trying to figure out why D&D are still set to write starwars from freefolk

Oh yeah, Dany is dead

????‍♂️ from freefolk

thanks Professor Drogon from freefolk

Detective Drogon from freefolk

Meanwhile in Meereen from freefolk

Arya decided to go multi-class as a pirate-assassin

Arya from freefolk

Arya doesn’t know what is beyond the sea, but we do. from freefolk

Shout out to Arya’s face-swapping abilities that had exactly ZERO impact on the story from freefolk

Assorted other lols

There was an attempt. from freefolk

The real Song of Ice and Fire from freefolk

Spill ALL the tea, Sis, tell the diary everything. from freefolk

Anyone else find it poetic, that despite being born Unsullied, Greyworm ended up being a massive dick. from freefolk

When writing is so bad that you’d rather die than move 5 feet and save yourself. from freefolk

Me watching Brienne close the book without letting the ink dry from freefolk

Still a better ending from freefolk

Ser Davos developing from an illiterate man to someone who corrects other people’s grammar is probably the only valid character development in this series from freefolk

yara after sansa declares the north its own kingdom from freefolk