The Game Of Thrones Cast Bid Their Farewells To The Series

The Game Of Thrones Cast Bid Their Farewells To The Series

HBO’s beloved soap opera about a bunch of angry, feuding royals living without regular access to water and indoor plumbing came to its climactic finale last night, and the Game of Thrones cast wasted no time in sharing their farewells to the series that first introduced us to so many of them.

As Game of Thrones’ series finale aired last night, and in the hours since, the show’s stars have taken to their social media profiles to share a handful candid images and memories as the live-action telling of George R.R. Martin’s series of novels came to a close.

Unsurprisingly, everyone led with fond remembrances, not necessarily because of how their characters’ fates played out, but (perhaps) because after all these years, the cast is finally free.

With this chapter of Westeros’ history settled, the focus now turns to HBO’s upcoming prequel(s) that’ll explore the events of the history before Game of Thrones that begins filming next year.

The new show’s obviously going to have rather large shoes to fill, but given the way Game of Thrones’ final season played out, it’s more than likely that the new series’ creative team knows they’re going to have to whip up something fantastic to live up to the hype.