Telstra’s Leasing Plans For The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Telstra’s Leasing Plans For The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Tomorrow Australia will become the third market in the world to release Samsung’s 5G version of the Galaxy S10.

In regards to telcos, it’s going to be on Telstra first and we have a sneak peak of what some of the plans are going to cost.

Every Telstra Plan For The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung's 5G variant of its flagship Galaxy S10 phone is now available in Australia!</p> <p>It's coming to the Telstra network first, and we have every single plan right here.

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When it comes to the battery we’re looking at 4,500mAH with super fast wired charging and Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

At the moment we only have the leasing plans that will be on offer. This means that anyone signed up to these plans will need to return the handset to Telstra after the contract is up.

Suffice to say, these are quite pricey.

The cheapest option on the table is $132 a month ($59 for the plan + $73 for the handset you don’t get to keep) for 3GB of data and the usual unlimited national calls and texts offered on most Telstra plans. This is for the 256GB version of the S10 5G – if you want 512GB of storage instead you’ll need to add an extra $10 a month to your bill.

If you are set on going on a lease and don’t need epic amounts of data we would jumping straight to the ‘medium’ plan as it will get you 20GB of data for only $4 extra per month compared to the ‘small plan’.

You’ll also find Telstra’s signature ‘unlimited’ plan here, which is $199 a month for unlimited data on both the 256GB and 512GB models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Here’s what else is on offer when it comes to leasing.

S10 5G 512GB (Lease)

S10 5G 256GB (Lease)

It’s important to note that Telstra customers who purchased an s10+ during the eligibility period will be able to upgrade to the S10 5G for free but need to do so within 21 days of release. That means you need to do it before June 18 2019.

The cost of buying the Galaxy S10 5G outright won’t be announced until tomorrow (as will the rest of Telstra’s plans), but we’ll drop the news as soon as we have it.

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