Star Trek: Picard’s First Teaser Hints At Jean-Luc’s Tragic Place In Starfleet History

Star Trek: Picard’s First Teaser Hints At Jean-Luc’s Tragic Place In Starfleet History

The first teaser is here for CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard, which brings the incredible Patrick Stewart back as the even more incredible Jean-Luc Picard. But the admiral, who’s been spending a lot of time with his grapes, is no longer a part of Starfleet. The mystery, of course, is finding out why.

Updated: The video now looks to be unavailable. We’ll keep you updated.

Updated 2, Updated Harder: It’s back!

The short teaser takes us back to Picard’s famous vineyard as dark, toxic-looking clouds roam in the distance—perhaps hinting at larger change change issues on Earth, or maybe they’re just a metaphor. Picard walks through the vines as a woman calmly asks him in voiceover why he chose to abandon Starfleet and everything he stood for. It’s part Gladiator, part Logan, all Star Trek.

Here’s a look at the first poster, too. I’m digging Picard’s landscaping style.

You can take the boy out of Starfleet… (Image: CBS All Access)

In a previous interview, showrunner Alex Kurtzman said this series will be more of a psychological exploration of Jean-Luc Picard, looking at where his life has taken him and what it would take to bring him back to Star Trek’s ideals of hope, optimism, and the idea of a better world.

“What happens when circumstances have conspired to not give him the happiest of endings? Hopefully, it’s a reinforcement of [Trek creator Gene] Roddenberry’s vision of optimism. He’s going to have to go through deep valleys to get back to the light,” Kurtzman told the LA Times.

Star Trek: Picard takes place 18 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, with Picard having abandoned his life as a Starfleet admiral… presumably because of something dark and tragic in his past. Could it be connected to the destruction of Romulus from 2009’s Star Trek, which we have learned will play a part in the series? Or is it something else? Either way, it looks like Picard is going to be pulled back into the life he had once left behind.

The show also stars Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, Evan Evagora, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway, and Isa Briones. Star Trek: Picard is coming soon to CBS All Access and other platforms, including Amazon Prime.