Sam Raimi Produced A Killer Crocodile Movie And Its Awesome First Trailer Is Here

So there’s a hurricane. Your whole town is flooding and is being evacuated, but your dad is missing. He’s stuck under your house. So you go to rescue him, but the water is rising and you both are in danger of drowning. Then you notice all the vicious, hungry crocodiles.

That’s the basic set up for Crawl, the new film by Alexandre Aja which is produced by Sam Raimi. Kaya Scodelario () plays her father. Here’s the intense first trailer.

Now, come on. That’s a movie right there. And the team of Aja, who did High Tension and Horns, as well as the legendary Raimi, who has produced some great films in the past few years during a feature directorial drought, are a great combination to bring something like this to the big screen. It’s got the potential to be a sleeper hit when it hits theatres July 12 in the U.S. As for the release in Australia, no word has been released on when this croc flick will head down under.