Relax, Samsung’s Big Galaxy S10 Bug Won’t Affect Aussies

Relax, Samsung’s Big Galaxy S10 Bug Won’t Affect Aussies

On Wednesday, multiple publications reported that a recent software update for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has been negatively impacting the devices.

This article was originally published on May 29 at 17:45.

In the reports, users claimed the update caused third party apps to freeze. Sam Mobile reported that the update was not only freezing apps such as Twitter, but also the entire device at times, forcing users to restart.

The issue became so serious that Samsung made the decision to pull the update. Fortunately for us Aussies, Samsung has confirmed to Gizmodo Australia it hasn’t impacted our devices.

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Speaking to Gizmodo Australia, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that Galaxy S10s that were purchased within Australia did not receive the software update.

“Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm that the latest software update for the Galaxy S10 range has yet to be deployed to local variants of the device.

“Samsung Electronics Australia will undertake further testing of the software prior to releasing it in this country to ensure the best possible user experience.”

While some Australian tech journalists have been reporting issues over the past days and weeks, they appear to be sporting international variants of the Galaxy S10. As a result, the buggy update was pushed out to their phones.

At the time of writing no time frame was placed on when the new update would be released.

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