Prepare For The End Of Game Of Thrones With This Killer Music Video For SZA And The Weeknd's 'Power Is Power'

The Weeknd and the Ice King. (Image: HBO/Columbia Records)

The only thing Game of Thrones’ last season was lacking was, let’s be real, a great tie-in album, and now it’s got one. For the Throne, out now, is an album full of songs inspired by Game of Thrones, and now the lead single has a stylish music video.

“Power Is Power,” by SZA, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott, is an emotive, immediately catchy song about the competition for the throne. It captures a bit of the same vibe as “Pray For Me” off of the Black Panther album, and it captures a similar sort of fantastical grandeur.

The video, while pretty standard for a music video, is still fun for the opportunity to see SZA and The Weeknd look very dramatic around Game of Thrones images.

Especially Jon Snow, actually. I would not have believed that Jon Snow was quite suitable to be the protagonist of an epic R&B track, but here we are.

Game of Thrones airs Mondays on Foxtel.

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