Prepare For The End Of Game Of Thrones With This Killer Music Video For SZA And The Weeknd’s ‘Power Is Power’

The only thing Game of Thrones’ last season was lacking was, let’s be real, a great tie-in album, and now it’s got one. For the Throne, out now, is an album full of songs inspired by Game of Thrones, and now the lead single has a stylish music video.

“Power Is Power,” by SZA, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott, is an emotive, immediately catchy song about the competition for the throne. It captures a bit of the same vibe as “Pray For Me” off of the Black Panther album, and it captures a similar sort of fantastical grandeur.

The video, while pretty standard for a music video, is still fun for the opportunity to see SZA and The Weeknd look very dramatic around Game of Thrones images.

Especially Jon Snow, actually. I would not have believed that Jon Snow was quite suitable to be the protagonist of an epic R&B track, but here we are.

Game of Thrones airs Mondays on Foxtel.