Odd-Looking Dog Attempts To Ring Homeowner’s Doorbell

Odd-Looking Dog Attempts To Ring Homeowner’s Doorbell

You ever see a good boy ring a doorbell? If not, you gotta see this.

A strange looking dog on the lam was recently caught on camera giving a South Carolina homeowner the ol’ ding-dong-ditch treatment in a neighbourhood in Myrtle Beach.

According to local ABC affiliate WTVD, the pup in question—which appeared to be some sort of long-tail breed, though kind of an odd one—was reportedly over six-and-a-half feet from snout to tail. A big boy! Check it out:

WTVD said the homeowner “called the encounter the coolest thing that could ever possibly happen to anyone, although not all her neighbours agreed, and many were pretty scared.” No need to be scared of a dang dog. He was probably just hungry.

I can’t quite pin down what kind of dog this is. Do you know? Apparently he was big enough to do some damage in the incident, leaving behind scratches on the front of the home and damaged shelving in its walkway. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

And listen, I know we’re all here for the dog content. Who doesn’t love a good boy?! But if you really want to see something wild, you’ve got to check out this gator.