Nickelodeon’s Long-Awaited Invader Zim And Rocko’s Modern Life Movies Will Be Coming To Netflix

Hey, remember all those revival movies Nickelodeon was working on? They’re still coming, and when they do they’ll hit Netflix, too.

This news comes from , were heavily promoted in 2017 and 2018 but haven’t been heard of much since then.

This news confirms that both movies, extensions of beloved old Nick shows, are still forthcoming, and that streaming rights for them both are now firmly in Netflix’s hands.

What this news doesn’t tell us, unfortunately, is when the movies are coming. They were tentatively slated for last year, but with that release date come and gone, hopefully the Rocko’s Modern Life revival will hit before its vision of post-modern life becomes outdated.

As to whether or not this will carry over to Australian Netflix is still unknown.