More Details On The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Revealed Along With What It Will Look Like

We may still be waiting for news on the Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker, which is totally still coming out apparently, but forget about that. Following the rumours of a mini version of the home hub that will presumably be a cheaper option compared to its full-sized counterpart, we've been treated to a peek at the mini speaker thanks to an FCC filing.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Probably Delayed Again

It's been over a month since Samsung officially delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold. And while June had been pegged for the release, it looks like it is most likely being delayed again.

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The filing also has some other details to pore over; as previously reported, the model number is confirmed SM-V310, and while we noted that it would be black, it looks decidedly blue in the filing. We can also see volume controls and a power button on the top of the device along with the AKG logo. Looking at the bottom of the speaker, it's sporting a micro USB instead of a USB-C. Rifling through the rest of the documents, the mini hub will feature Bluetooth 4.2 rather than Bluetooth 5.0.

Samsung has requested a confidentiality period of six months, so unless someone starts spilling the beans, we're unlikely to get any further info outside of this for now. The mini speaker is expected to launch some time this year. As for Samsung's big boi, the Galaxy Home, we're still waiting on a date after it was delayed.


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