Latest Google Pixel 3A Leak Reveals Pricing And Launch Date

Latest Google Pixel 3A Leak Reveals Pricing And Launch Date

Image: Droid Life

Just when you thought that more details about Google’s upcoming ‘budget’ Pixel couldn’t possibly leak, here come the price tags

This Tech Today released a video on its YouTube channel, alleging that Pixel 3A will start at $US399, with the the Pixel 3A XL starting at $US479.

Both of these price points are for the 64GB versions, though 128GB storage options will apparently be available for both devices.

The channel's host, Brandon Lee, received this information from an unnamed source which seems a little dodgy, but it did included package images which legitimises it somewhat.

The Verge also confirmed that the Universal Product Code on the packaging points to "a Walmart listing for a factory-unlocked Pixel 3A."

Although Lee can't confirm a full spec run down, the images and info reveals a 5.6-inch 1080p screen, down facing speakers and a headphone jack for the 3A. The colour option is also described as 'Purple-ish'.

Lee describes the device in the photo as looking almost white in the images, concluding that at least one version will be a subtle purple with a yellow power button.

This unique colour naming convention (and the paleness) definitely fits the range when you consider the 'Not Pink' offering for the Pixel 3.

Lee also runs through some of the previously-rumoured specs, such as a Snapdragon 670 processor, 4GB RAM, a 3,000mAh battery and 12MP rear cameras. Basically, it's all the ingredients of a mid-tier phone, and a far more appropriate device for that 4GB of RAM than the flagship Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

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When it comes to launch, it doesn't seem like we have long to wait. Lee quotes May 7 as the big day, which will be May 8 here in Australia. This aligns with Google's I/O Keynote, which is happening on the same day - so expect an announcement then.

There's no word on when it will actually hit stores globally or locally but we'll let you know once we hear details about Aussie pricing and when you can get your hands on one.

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