If You Dream Of Being In Star Trek: Discovery’s Starfleet, This Is The Jacket For You

What’s blue, retro-futurist, and made of denim? A good Starfleet jacket.

As Trek Movie reports, Volante Design, a fantastic boutique nerd fashion line, has released the Starfleet 2256 line for men and women.

The coat, inspired by Star Trek: Discovery, is designed to resemble the Starfleet uniforms (in several colour variations, including the shadowy Section 31), with careful detailing and, of course, the Starfleet symbol.

A whole fleet of Starfleet officers. (Image: Volante, via Trek Movie)
I love the stitching here. (Image: Volante, via Trek Movie)

These are some fantastic coats, and would make for strong casual cosplay material. The denim is also a fun choice, as it gives Starfleet a sort of grunge vibe. If you’re interested in these coats, they’re on sale now for $470, which isn’t cheap, but is cheaper than inventing warp travel and ushering in the Rodenberry utopia.